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Rhino Self Storage Solves Your Business Storage Needs

Businesses always need more space—whether they’re opening new locations, expanding their staff, or trying to get organized. Regardless of your situation, we have your storage solution at Rhino Self Storage. 

As you strive to hit your bottom line and prepare for growth, look to us for a storage unit that fits your needs and business goals. Our range of unit sizes and amenities is designed with business owners in mind.

Supporting Your Business, Every Step of the Way

Our commercial storage solutions provide your business with breathing room and the flexibility to expand. With storage units ranging in size from a small closet to—at some of our facilities—the size of a large garage, we have your storage needs covered. 

As a business owner, it’s not always easy to plan for the future. However, finding the right storage unit for your company has never been easier. Simply browse our wide selection of storage units at you the facility nearest you. 

We offer numerous amenities to support your business goals—making storage simple and convenient and accommodating the most demanding of schedules and the most sensitive of storage needs.

We Are Here to Help

You’ve plenty to worry about when it comes to your company’s success. Our self storage offerings can help turn your focus from your space concerns back to your business objectives. Let Rhino Self Storage be your self storage solution for your business records, inventory, supplies, furniture, equipment, vehicles, and more. Whatever is taking up too much space, we have plenty of room for it. We’re the self storage solution for crowded offices, space-limited storefronts, and equipment-filled facilities of all types. At Rhino Self Storage, we have a storage unit that will fit your business needs. With our wide variety of storage unit sizes and types, we have a storage unit that’s the perfect size for your business.

Here are a few of the amenities we offer your business

Flexible Access Hours

Our extended access hours mean you’ll be able to access your unit when needed—even when you’re spending long nights in the office or your weekends are booked with meetings. Our facilities are open early in the morning until late at night. At some locations, we even provide our commercial tenants with 24/7 access.

Document Storage

Years of tax documents, stacks of financial records, and extensive business plans—we have room for all of it at our secure self storage facilities. Let us be your offsite filing cabinet!


Have temperature-sensitive inventory? Need to store electronics like computers and tablets? Need storage for wooden chairs or desks? Our climate-controlled storage units are ideal for storing items that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Climate-controlled storage units keep your items at a regulated temperature and humidity level, regardless of the outside conditions.

Storage for Businesses of All Kinds

Here are some of the businesses we serve:

  • Retailers
  • Manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical representatives
  • Educational institutions
  • Governmental agencies
  • Non-profit organizations 

Use our size guide to get a better idea of which storage unit will best fit your needs. Then, locate your nearest facility and reserve the storage unit that best serves your business.

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