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Rhino Self Storage - Lancaster at 2185 Rolling Hills Street

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Secure storage units located just a mile off North Memorial Drive

Fast and Easy Storage Units in Lancaster

Rent online and secure your storage unit before you even step outside!

Find our convenient self storage facility located on Rolling Hills Street, just around the corner from Tarhe Trails Elementary School and not far from General Sherman Junior High. 

We’re about a mile from North Memorial Drive through the River Valley Highlands community. Thanks to this proximity to such a major roadway, we’re easily accessible from throughout Lancaster and even for folks in nearby Carroll, Ohio.

Our facility is well-lit, so you’re always comfortable and safe when you’re visiting your self storage unit. We also have gated access and a fenced perimeter to keep out unwanted guests.

Our storage units are available with or without climate control.

Find the right storage solution in Lancaster, OH, with Rhino Self Storage!

Lancaster Self Storage Units

Make storage easy with a storage unit from Rhino Self Storage

Climate-Controlled Storage Units

Regulated temperatures and humidity help keep the items stored in climate-controlled units safer from the elements. Items prone to warping, cracking, and melting are best stored in these units.

Regular Pest Control

No one wants critters getting into their boxes. This is why pest control services are regularly performed at Rhino Self Storage. Our goal is to keep our facility safe, clean, and welcoming!

Month-to-Month Rentals

Don’t stress about how long you might need a storage unit. Our rental agreements are month-to-month, so you aren’t locked in for a long-term commitment, and you don’t need to worry about knowing how long you need it up front!

Nokē Smart Locks

Get the very best in security and convenience with Rhino Self Storage - Lancaster.

Our high-tech access system keeps your storage unit safe from unwanted visitors, but it also makes visiting your stuff easier than ever!

When you rent a storage unit from Rhino Self Storage - Lancaster, we’ll send you a code to install Nokē on your smartphone. Once you’ve done that, your phone becomes your key to the facility and your self storage unit! You won’t need to add keys to your keyring or memorize a gate code. Simply press a button on your smartphone, and you’ll have access to your items.

Nokē can also delegate access to people you choose! If you need your brother to stop by the unit and grab something, simply add him on Nokē and he’ll be able to get in. Your app will also track which authorized users have accessed your storage unit and when.

Rest easy knowing Rhino Self Storage and our top-tier Nokē smart access systems are keeping your self storage unit safe!

Self Storage Amenities in Lancaster, OH

We make storage in Lancaster and Carroll easier with online rentals, affordable rates, and convenient access

  • Climate-controlled storage units that add a bit of protection against fluctuating temperatures
  • Competitive monthly rates and no long-term commitments necessary
  • Rent and pay online from the comfort of your own device—find your Lancaster storage unit before you even visit!

Rhino Self Storage FAQs

Our team of local Lancaster storage experts is ready to help with your storage needs! We’ve put together some frequently asked questions to quickly help you, but feel free to reach out for further assistance.

Do I need to sign a long-term contract?

Not with Rhino Self Storage! Our rental agreements are set up for month-to-month rentals.

How much does a storage unit cost in Lancaster?

Our self storage units are priced based on size and amenities, and you are billed on a monthly basis. Check out the unit that interests you above to see the rates!

Where is Rhino Self Storage located in Lancaster?

Find us just around the corner from Tarhe Trails Elementary School.