RV and Boat Storage

Secure RV and Boat Storage Options at Rhino Self Storage

Vehicles can be space hogs. Boats, RVs, motorcycles, jet skis, ATVs, and sports cars are perfect for experiencing the open road or sunny days on the water. However, when you bring them home, things can get cramped fast. 

If your vehicle is taking up precious space in your garage or driveway, it’s time to look elsewhere for storage. At Rhino Self Storage, we offer self storage options for vehicles of all kinds. It’s as easy as driving your vehicle in and then picking it up when you’re ready to hit the road or the lake.

Reasons to Use Boat, RV, and Vehicle Storage

Boats aren’t on the water all year. When the offseason hits, it’s time for storage. The same goes for RVs when you’re done traveling. This is when boats and RVs—along with other special purpose vehicles like motorcycles, four-wheelers, and classic cars—start to overcrowd your garage. 

Plus, parking them outside may not be an option, especially if your homeowner’s association or local municipality has rules against parking RVs and boats in driveways or on the street. Whatever the issue is with storing your vehicle at home, there’s a clear solution: Rhino Self Storage

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Storing Your Boat, RV, or Vehicle with Rhino Self Storage

Storing your boat, RV, or vehicle to one of our self storage facilities frees up valuable space at home and gives you a secure and accessible storage option. Rhino Self Storage offers outdoor parking spaces and indoor storage units specifically designed to accommodate vehicles. No matter its purpose, we have you covered.

We make vehicle storage simple—simply drop it off and then take it out when you’re ready to hit the road. Our facilities are located near major roads and highways, which help you get to your destination faster. Enter the facility through our secure electronic gates using your unique passcode. 

With our wide driveways, you won’t have a problem maneuvering your vehicle. Our extended access hours mean you won’t have a problem finding time to get to your vehicle. Our storage spaces and amenities make Rhino Self Storage your vehicle’s secure home away from home.

Rhino Self Storage: Your Extra Garage

Your vehicle doesn’t need to sit in your garage or driveway while you scramble to find space for everything else. Make breathing room at home a reality by storing your boat, RV, or vehicle storage with Rhino Self Storage. 

Find a facility in your neighborhood and claim the storage space you need for your vehicle today!

How to Prepare Your Boat, RV, or Vehicle for Storage

Although our convenient storage options make it easy to store your vehicle, there is some prep work required before driving it to your nearest facility. By following a few easy steps, you can prepare your vehicle for long- or short-term storage. 

  1. Change your oil and refresh the coolant to prevent costly damage to the engine. 
  2. Disconnect your vehicle’s battery to keep it from draining during the offseason. 
  3. Remove any electronics or belts that are vulnerable to temperature damage. (However, our climate-controlled storage units are ideal if you’re concerned about the weather’s impact on your vehicle.) 
  4. Be sure to remove any perishable items from the vehicle. 
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