Nokē Smart Access

No keys, no codes, no worries

Easy Access, Secure Facility

Using Nokē is quick and easy without sacrificing security

  • You’ll get a link to the Nokē app after you rent a unit

  • Install the app on your smartphone

  • Delegate access to friends and family when you need to

  • The app will track who accesses your unit and when!

  • Get access to the facility and your self storage unit with the push of a button

Secure Smart Locks

Nokē Smart Locks are the best in the industry for providing convenient access to your self storage unit while still keeping everything safe and secure. Instead of the traditional keypads, codes, and keys, your smartphone becomes your key! Simply install the Nokē app (we’ll send you a code after you rent), and your smartphone will get you into the facility and into your storage unit with the push of a button.

Nokē has some additional features that make renting a self storage unit with Rhino Self Storage even more convenient. Renters can authorize their friends and relatives to access their storage unit through the Nokē app - and the parent account can track who accesses their storage unit and when! Of course, you can revoke access whenever you want, too.  Get in touch with our team if you have any questions about Nokē Smart Access!

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